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Do’s and Dont’s of Starting Your Own Business


  1. Live frugally and begin saving up money for starting your business.
  2. Learn your intended business by working for someone else in the same business first.
  3. Consider the benefits of starting a moonlight business.
  4. Consider the advantages of operating a family business.
  5. Objectively measure your skills and training against potential competition.
  6. Consider subcontracting to low cost suppliers if you’re manufacturing a product.
  7. Test market your product or service before starting or expanding.
  8. Make “for” and “against” list describing the specific business you are considering.
  9. Talk to lots of people in your intended business for advice.
  10. Make a comparative analysis of all opportunities you are considering.


  1. Think about leaving your job before you have completed start-up plans.
  2. Consider starting a business in a field you do not enjoy.
  3. Risk all the family assets. Limit your liabilities to a predetermined amount.
  4. Compete with your employer in a moonlight business.
  5. Hurry to select a business. There is no penalty for missed opportunities.
  6. Select a business that is too high a risk or hurdle. Go for the two-foot hurdle.
  7. Select a business in which you must have the lowest price to succeed.
  8. Ignore the negative aspects of an intended business.
  9. Permit self-confidence to outweigh careful diligence.
  10. Allow the promise of a conceptual high reward deter reality testing first.

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What The Google EMD Update Was Really Targeting

Last Friday Google’s head of webspam announced that Google would be implementing another update to their algorithm, although they claimed it had nothing to do with Penguin or Panda. This update was geared toward reducing “low-quality” EMDs (Exact Match Domains) from ranking well in the SERPs.

Matt tweeted that the Google algorithm update is only supposed to affect about 0.6% of the English-US queries with the purpose of pushing sites with the following “low quality” attributes out of top rankings:

• Duplicate, redundant, or overlapping content.
• Content that has a high concentration of ads or images that interfere with the contextual content.
• Content that doesn’t provide substantial value to users.

The fact that Google is finally addressing high-ranking EMDs comes as a shock to few, but what is coming as a shock is the amount of webmasters speaking in outrage – or excitement – about the negative movement of their websites in the SERPs.

After analyzing the SERPs over the past few months and in the past week since the EMD update was rolled out, the team at The Link Builders came to understand why many sites are being affected.

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Negative SEO: How Can You Avoid Being a Victim?

The reason negative SEO has suddenly become a hot topic is due to Google’s numerous updates surrounding link building and attempting to define what “unnatural links” are. Many faces from Google have claimed that negative SEO doesn’t work, but just in case… we’ll offer some case studies, how to recognize if you have been targeted by a negative SEO attack, and ways of protecting your site from future attacks.

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The papers are signed, the carpet is in, and the paint is dry! The Link Builders is moving to Owings Mills! 

The papers are signed, the carpet is in, and the paint is dry! The Link Builders is moving to Owings Mills! 

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Affiliate Summit April Meetup: Panda Updates – Why It Developed and How You Can Avoid it

Baltimore April Affiliate Meetup

The recent changes made by Google’s Panda update over the past year have changed the way many people strategize their SEO campaigns. What people have failed to realize, as pointed out by April’s Baltimore Affiliate Summit speaker Rob Adler, is that many of the changes that must be made to keep Panda away from your site (and destroying rankings!) are on-page related.

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Serendipity Blog CMS Review

We found another CMS we like! WordPress gets the most hype, but Serendipity is actually pretty cool! Have you tried it? We don’t know why it lost popularity; it has the same functions as WordPress! We begin our review by stating…

The Serendipity blogging CMS offers a lot more than what meets the eye. A blog interface with no “pages” (by default) might seem basic to some, but in reality Serendipity offers both the casual blogger as well as seasoned veterans an interface that can be optimized aesthetically as well as for search engines.

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